Watch Sarah below doing the Side Plank Medley exercise for a stronger core:

Sarah Thornton

In 2007 I moved back from London where I worked as a Senior Personal Trainer at Matt Roberts Personal Training, one of London’s leading Personal Training studios. There I managed fitness programmes for a wide range of clients providing me with extensive experience in a variety of areas including general fitness, weight management, sport specific training, and pre and post-natal exercise.

I have played sport from an early age, representing Ireland in Squash at all age levels and representing Connaught in both tennis and hockey. I also love to hike and cycle in the outdoors and I have participated in many events including the 3 Peaks Adventure Challenge on Achill Island, trekking in the Annapurna range in the Himalayas, the London to Brighton Bike Ride 2006, the Streets of Galway 8K race for many years, Dublin Marathon 2007, Connemara Half-Marathon 2009, Gaelforce adventure race 2010, various Sprint and Olympic triathlons since 2008 and the half-Ironman relay 2012. 

In 2011 I became pregnant with my first child so I learned first hand how important it was to keep fit and continually exercise your ever-changing body during the various stages of pregnancy. Now that I have had my baby girl, I understand the challenges of bringing your body back to pre-pregnancy fitness and strength with less time available to do so.

My general ethos and premises for training my clients is to bring out the best in each person. I like to challenge my clients and push the boundaries of their fitness to a point where they never imagined they could go. I take a holistic approach to fitness by taking into account what stage a person is at in their life, exactly what they want out of their fitness and how much they want it to fit into their life. I encourage a positive psychological approach to their health and wellbeing and give advice on how to live, eat and exercise for maximum health and energy.