Let’s face it. I love food, you love food, because there are some fantastic types of delicious, finger-licking, yummy types of cuisine out there! And then there are the fantastic wines from all over the world, the thirst-quenching foreign beers and the refreshing gin and tonics to relax to after a days work. But let’s face another fact. Too much of all of this and you sure feel it, not only around the waist, but it can adversely affect your energy levels, your digestion, your skin, your moods and most importantly your drive and motivation to work it all off again!

The nutrition advice that I give my clients is realistic. Yes, you may have to make some sacrifices initially to achieve your exercise goals. Yes, you may have to change your daily eating patterns that you have had for your whole lifetime but what I do help to work out with you is what you can and can’t eat for your body, your lifestyle and your exercise. We are all unique with individual needs. I do this by asking you to regularly fill in a food diary and tweaking it until we get it right. And no, I won’t put you on any silly diets. It is just good, sound, healthy, enjoyable eating.