Improve Your Balance with this Bulgarian Split Squat and Shoulder Press

Generally one side of our body is stronger than the other so if you don't work the individual sides of your legs and arms then you will only accentuate this imbalance as the stronger will always be compensating for the other. 

Also, balance itself is an equally important component of our general fitness which needs to be worked on on a regular basis. 

Do this dynamic and full body exercise to help improve both of these aspects of your strength and fitness.  Make sure to start at the correct variation for your current level of fitness.


Place one foot on a stepper or bench, hold a Dumbbell or Kettlebell in the opposite hand. Here we have 3 different variations.

1 - Hold the weight down by your side to whichever leg is out in front. 

2 - Hold the weight in front of the shoulder on the down movement & press overhead as you come up.

3 - Hold the weight down by your side & this time we're looking to clean & press overhead as you come up. 

The main muscle groups worked here are your Glutes, Quads and Deltoids. As it is a full body exercise your core is strengthened also. Keep your tailbone lengthened to maintain good pelvic stability and core activation.

Complete 10 repetitions each leg by 3 sets.