Susie's favourite shoulder exercise - The All-rounder

This shoulder exercise is great for strengthening the whole shoulder joint. It involves not only the main shoulder muscle but also the smaller stabilising muscles as it brings in external and internal rotation of the shoulder joint. One to definitely include in your workouts especially if you play sports including throwing and hitting and ideal for swimmers too. 

Here Susie, our inspirational client of the year, demonstrates the 4 main movements of the exercise. She says she loves this exercise as she feels it really works the whole shoulder in one exercise and when time can be short in the gym it is a perfect exercise to make sure all the muscles of the shoulder are being strengthened.

1. Stand with arms in 2 right angles by your side

2. Keeping the right angles with your arms raise your elbows to where they are in line with your shoulders.

3. Lift your hands up to where your knuckles are facing the ceiling.

4. Bring your hands forward again.

5. Then bring your hands back to your side.

Perform 10 reps x 3 sets. Start with a small weight initially as the smaller shoulder rotator cuff muscles fatigue quite quickly. Remember to breath with each rep and stand with good posture.