Muscle of the Month - Shoulders - YTW Raise

This month we are going to focus on your shoulders. Our shoulders are very complex joints involving lots of small stablising muscles as well as our bigger deltoids. They are also used a lot in exercises for other larger muscle groups such as the back and chest. Therefore is always important to include shoulder exercises in your workout especially smaller movements to improve shoulder stability. Aesthetically, doing exercises for your shoulders gives your upper body and arms a fuller, rounder shape making your arms look strong and defined.

This week, Carrie, our trainer, shows you the YTW shoulder exercise:

The Y-T-W Raise is a multi-part move that targets your upper back.  At the same time, it stabilizes your shoulder blades and strengthens your rotator cuff.

I find this exercise is very beneficial for people with desk-bound jobs or who drive a lot for work and have limited range in their shoulder movement.


·         Mat

·         Optional: Light weights (1-2kg)


·  Lie prone on the mat. For the Y part, raise arms into Y position, while keeping them straight, keeping your legs and torso on the mat.  Lower back into starting position and repeat 10-15 times. 

·  For the T raises, lift arms out to shoulder-height, creating a T with your body, palms facing outwards.  Lower back into the starting position and repeat 10-15 times. 

·  For the W raises, start in the same position as the T raises.  Bend elbows more than 90 degrees, raise your arms to shoulder height, and squeeze shoulder blades together when you lift forming a W with your arms.  Repeat this movement 10-15 times.