Let’s Go Outside - 5 Ideas for Bringing Your Workout Outdoors

We’re well into May now, and thankfully the weather has been pretty good so far this month. So fingers crossed for plenty more sunny, bright days!

But regardless of the weather, and especially in summer time when it’s mild, getting outside to exercise is recommended.

In this post, our trainer Carrie is going to look at some outdoor workout ideas that might whet your appetite for the coming weeks, and get you trying something a bit different.

After all, variety is the spice of life!

1.     Liven up your lunchtime

With today’s hectic schedules, it is sometimes hard to find the time to exercise. Getting kids to school in the morning, working late or having jobs to do when you get home can all make demands on our time. And often by the time we get home, have dinner and catch up with the family, the inclination to exercise has dwindled.

But this doesn’t have to be an excuse not to get your 30 minutes! If you have an hour for lunch, then you can easily get out for a walk, and eat a nutritious lunch before settling back into work for the afternoon. You’ll feel invigorated, you’ll get some fresh air (and hopefully some sunshine vitamin D too), and you can spend a guilt-free evening with the family. Just remember to keep the runners in the car, or get a spare pair and leave them at the office so you’re always prepared J

2.     Make the park your playground

If you’re lucky enough to live near a public park, then you’ll be delighted to know that this is a ready-made, and free, gym! On nice days, I often bring clients for a jog on the Prom, and then we go to the Circle of Life Garden for some circuits.


circleoflifecopy3jpg (1).jpg

Here’s some ideas of what you can do:

o   Push ups from the bridge

o   Jumping jacks

o   Tricep dips on the bench

o   Step-ups on the bench

o   Mountain climbers from the bench

o   Supermans on the grass

o   Bring some water bottles and do bicep curls

o   Burpees! (who doesn’t love burpees!)

Bring a friend and give it a go –check out Galway City Council’s website for a few other places around Galway city for your outdoor workout. Another one of my favourites is Westside running track. It has some outdoor machines and a fab playground to keep the kids busy while you work out.

3.     Use some Pedal Power

There is something really rewarding about leaving the car at home and getting from A-to-B on your own steam. And the best way to do this is often by bike. Consider cycling to work a few times a week for a time-efficient way to get your exercise done. Or get the family or some friends together at the weekend, pack up a picnic and go to the beach or a local park for a picnic and some games. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the Greenway in Mayo. It goes all the way from Westport to Achill Island – and you can do the whole lot, or one or two sections depending on what you’re looking for. It is a great way to pass a weekend and keep fit. 

4.     Unleash your inner child

Remember the fun of the school Sports Day, or a local Spring Fete when you were young? Spending what seemed like a week in a local field or sportsground, doing everything from egg-and-spoon races to throwing wellies? Well why not recreate that time from your youth by organizing your own Sports Da!? You can arrange it with your family, friends or in your own community or estate. It could also be a brilliant idea for a Communion party. As well as giving you lots of fun ways to stay fit, you will have a laugh and fun with friends while you do it. And the kids will be so tuckered out, you might even get a lie-in the next morning. Here are some great ideas for your own Sports Day – and remember, having a leader board and giving out stickers for each activity completed can be really encouraging for both the big and little kids:

o   Egg-And-Spoon race

o   Obstacle course

o   Welly throwing

o   Three-legged race

o   Kids versus Grown-ups race

o   Outdoor Workout

o   Tug-Of-War

o   Sack Race

o   Lawn Twister (yes, that’s a thing!)

5.     Give it some Altitude!

We’re lucky enough to live on an island that is festooned with some gorgeous mountainous terrain. And hiking is a great way to keep you fit and healthy. When I first started to get into exercise over a decade ago, one of my earliest forays into fitness was hillwalking, and I fell in love straight away. I regularly went hillwalking at weekends, building up a hearty appetite for a bowl of soup and some brown bread in the local pub afterwards. And no matter what level of fitness you are at – from ambler to hill sprinter, there’s something to suit you.

One of my favourites for a family day out is Diamond Hill in Connemara. It has a number of different walks based on varying difficulty and it has a fab playground and café at the base so that the whole family can enjoy it. And the drive there and back is also spectacular.

For more hillwalking ideas, check out Hillwalking in Ireland, and start enjoying the fantastic scenery that Ireland has to offer.


For more from Carrie, you can check out her blog on http://carriesmallplate.com/home/