Susie Special - an update from our inspiring client

At the end of the year our training with Susie, our 10th anniversary Inspiring Client winner, comes to a close. To celebrate Susie's great dedication to her fitness and health we are going to have a Susie Special series where over the remaining weeks we are going to hear what motivates her, her favourite snack recipe and other tips.

First of all an update from Susie herself....


"My progress has been incredible. Not only physically has there been a change in my measurements but I feel so much stronger, healthier and energetic.  Most importantly, for the first time in my life when I got injured I was still able to exercise through it with Sarah's guidance and expertise. Normally when I get injured I would stop exercising completely, let the pain consume me and convince myself I wasn't able for anything which then made it so hard to get back into exercising once the pain goes.
I recently ran a 10k which is something I would never have been able to do in the past. Exercising the wrong way and not building overall strength meant that in the past when I ran I would end up injuring myself. Now that I feel stronger and fitter than ever I'm not happy with just completing it. I set myself a goal to do it within a certain time and achieved it!"

More from Susie next week....