General Fitness

Feeling a bit sluggish and can't remember the last time you were active? Let us help you get back into shape, improve your energy and feel generally fit and healthy.

Improve muscle strength and size

Want muscle that not only looks good but packs a real punch? We can help you build muscle strength and size through better structured, more effective workouts with nutritional support.


From 5k to Marathon distance, or just simply to be able to run up and down the Prom, we can give you guidance on how to get started, what is good running technique (based on Chi running principles), how to improve you speed and how to build-up and plan for a Race Day.  

Strength & Conditioning for Sport

Need an off-season or pre-season strength and conditioning programme? Recovering from injury and need a programme to get you back to where you were? Or do you just find strength and conditioning the most tedious part of your training programme and some support would be great? We can help you improve your game with our sport-specific programmes.

Triathlons / Adventure Races

Triathlons and Adventure Races are great ways of putting your body to the test and keeping your workouts interesting and varied. Let us advise you on how to get started, how to structure your training and the importance of good nutrition planning.


Have you been consuming too many pints and pies? Is your body beginning to retaliate? We can help you get rid of that extra layer that has been building up through regular exercise and a healthy diet.