General Fitness

Our general fitness programmes will help you integrate a regular routine of exercise into your schedule without taking too much time and energy from all the other important aspects in your life.


We can help you to find your figure again in a more sustainable way – through a healthy combination of regular exercise and good eating.


Would you like arms with definition, a flat stomach and shapely legs and bum? We can devise programmes for you to get that tone and keep it!


It is important to continue to exercise during your pregnancy - your body is undergoing so many changes that you need to stay healthy and strong to cope with it all. Even if you feel you don't have the energy for exercising, just get yourself to our gym and we'll take over. Physically and mentally, you'll be delighted you did, and so will your baby.


This can be a challenging time to get back into shape as fatigue and lack of time can interfere. “Where do I start?” is often the question we are asked. No problem - we can show you and work with you to get the most out of your available time to exercise. The result? Renewed energy for family life, and, of course, help with getting your figure back.

Getting Married

Of course the most important thing on the day is that you are happy, but sometimes having toned arms, a smaller waist and more shapely hips in your dress would make you so much happier. This is one occasion when you can be as vain as you want!

If you are looking to lose weight or tone-up for your wedding day, one piece of advice - don’t leave it to the last moment. You will have enough on your plate, so do it now.


From 5k to Marathon distance or just simply to be able to run up and down the Prom, we can give you guidance on how to get started, what is good running technique based on Chi Running principles, how to improve your speed and how to build–up to and plan for a Race Day.

Triathlons/Adventure Races

Triathlons and Adventure Races are great ways of putting your body to the test and keeping your workouts interesting and varied. Let us advise you on how to get started, how to structure your training and the importance of good nutrition planning.

Strength and Conditioning for Sport

Need an off-season or pre-season strength and conditioning programme? Recovering from injury and need a programme to get you back to where you were? Or do you just find strength and conditioning the most tedious part of your training programme and some support would be great? We can help you improve your game with our sport-specific programmes.