Carrie Budds

Originally from Youghal in Co. Cork, I am a Personal Trainer and gym instructor, mother of one, writer and sports fanatic.

I found my love of all things Health & Fitness after returning to Ireland from Dubai in my early twenties – I discovered hillwalking, surfing, a love of anything outdoors and my continued passion – running. I have completed marathons, half marathons, 10ks and everything in between.

After leaving a successful IT career behind to follow a career in fitness, I am very much focused on helping people take back control of their health & fitness and enjoy exercise again. And to have some fun while doing it!

I also run Carrie Small Plate Health & Fitness, offering classes and online programs specifically for mothers and women in their 30s to return to fitness and take care of their own health & wellbeing. This was something I found so important myself after having my daughter and trying to juggle a busy professional and personal life while at the same take care of my own wellness.

I also have a keen interest in mobility and functional fitness to ensure that we can all stay in good shape well into our later years, both physically and mentally.


Gym Instructor – Elite FPA Galway

Personal Trainer – Elite FPA Galway

Nutritional Therapist – The Health Sciences Academy