Bored with the same exercise routine? Want to lose weight but not getting results? Lack the knowledge to structure your workout sessions effectively? Or do you just want to feel healthier and have more energy?

We can help.

We are professionally-qualified and highly-experienced Personal Trainers based in Galway. We specialise in one-to-one personalised exercise sessions, our main aim being to help you achieve the results you want while making it enjoyable and motivating at the same time.

No fads – we only offer balanced, long-term solutions. Our highly professional method is not one of extreme training and extreme dieting. These approaches encourage an unsustainable, short-term focus on your health and fitness. Over the course of our sessions together, we figure out your health equation, i.e. the type and frequency of exercise and nutrition you need to keep you fit, healthy and manage your weight for the long term.


We love the buzz that we get from working out and we want you to experience that too.

Whatever your age, whatever your fitness level, if you would like to discuss your training needs, give us a call on 085 1033753 or